Hello world! 4.22.08 post

Happy Earth Day!  I have been observing Earth Day since 1990, so it is great to see it go so “mainstream” this year.  In celebration, I am launching “Teresa’s Tip” an earth and family friendly tip emailed to you just about each day.  (Hey, I am mom to Beck, I can’t commit to everyday!)
Here is today’s tip:
Read this article in Forbes Magazine about conventionally grown cotton and child labor.  Then think seriously about how you can reduce the amount of conventionally grown cotton and “hand-made” knick knacks that were likely made by children.


Some ideas-
– Buy organic cotton.  I know it is more expensive and can be hard to find.  I will be sending out resources in the future to help with that.  The more people buy, the more available it will become.  Think about the real cost of pesticide filled cotton, to your health, the planet, and the people who grow it.
– Buy second hand.  Don’t want to go the organic route, get yourself to a second-hand shop.  Most of the chemicals have been washed out, you are not contributing to more pesticide use, and it is cheap!
– Trade with others.  Find some friends and have a swap party.  Everyone bring stuff they don’t want anymore – clothes, accessories, even knick knacks and trade it.  Organic snacks are a plus!
– Think about if you really need things before you buy them.  If you decide you do really need a frame with stuff glued to it, break out your (eco-friendly) glue, and make it yourself.

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