Bamboo – Mixed Messages

Label of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100plus

Image via Wikipedia

I’m sure everyone has heard about bamboo and its many uses by now.  But just how eco-friendly is it?  This article discusses the manufacture of bamboo textiles and suggests that it is not as miraculous as it sounds.

Basically the author states that while bamboo is a great alternative to wood, it is seldom a true “eco fashion” alternative.  In order to turn the bamboo into fibers that can be woven into fabric it is often washed and soaked in a variety of caustic chemicals.  It’s a shame really, I love bamboo fabric.
The article does give some ways to know if the bamboo is safer:
“What to do? If you are thinking of purchasing bamboo clothing or any clothing that has been made outside the U.S., look for certification from an independent and reliable certification company such as Oeko-Tex, Soil Association, SKAL, KRAV or similar organic or sustainable certification body. Currently, the Oeko-Tex label is the most comprehensive label for insuring that the garment is healthy for consumers but it does not certify the manufacturing processes that produced the garment as being environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

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