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Paper towel roll on stand

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Even though it might be better for the environment to use organic kitchen towels that you wash in your high efficiency washer with earth-friendly detergent, sometimes you just want a paper towel.  Relax, it’s ok.  The best paper towels are made from recycled fiber and have not been bleached or dyed, such as Seventh Generation’s.  However, those can be expensive for something you are going to use to mop up the floor and then throw away.

My solution – CVS brand paper towels.  They come in a 3 pack for $1.99, and are made from 100% recycled content, minimum 60% post-consumer, without chlorine bleaching.  Pretty good, huh?  Just make sure you get the recycled ones, I noticed the last time I was in that they have some that are not.
Also, keep in mind that while you usually can’t put paper towels in the recycling bin, you can put then in your green bin to get composted, as long as you used them to clean up something that is itself compost-able, like fruits or vegetables.
As for the organic cotton kitchen towels?  I found some a few months ago in Target for a reasonable price, so you never know where you might find some.

One thought on “Paper Towels

  1. Absorbent Towels says:

    I know exactly what type of towels the CVS recycled ones are. They’re the ones with the picture of trees on them. The price difference isn’t significant, but it does add up after a while. However, by using either recycled products or microfiber-based absorbent towels, you’ll be doing the Earth a big favor in the long run.

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