Just Add Fizz

Are you a big soda drinker?  First of all, you know that stuff isn’t good for you don’t you?  But you drink it anyway.  Oh well.  We are big sparkling water drinkers in our house.

But what effect is all that soda and sparkling water having on the environment, not to mention your wallet?  Even if you recycle every single bottle, that is still a strain on the planet.  Take into consideration the energy required for production, transportation to the store, and transportation to your house.  It adds up.  Most sodas are made with high fructose corn syrup, which in addition to not being good for your waistline, is horribly carbon-intensive and damaging to the planet.  And who knows what other chemicals are in there.

But something bubbly is just so satisfying!  Soda tastes good.  My husband will drink more water if it is sparkly.  And water is good for you.

Enter The Soda Club.   www.sodaclubusa.com

You can make your own sparkling water or soda at home.  We got the “seltzer lovers” package with four #5 plastic bottles that can be reused for up to 3 years.  This means that at the end of 3 years we have 4 bottles to recycle instead of hundreds.  I’ve also discovered that they are a good size for me to carry around, with still or sparkling water.  The C02 cartridge can make up to 110 liters, then you send it back to the factory for them to recharge.  Other soda machines use single use cartridges, so this is another plus.  As for the soda, they have flavorings you can get to add to the water to make your own soda.  The flavorings use cane sugar, not corn syrup.  And of course, you can always just add fruit juice, a squeeze of your favorite citrus, or muddle up some berries.  Get creative!

As for soda being bad for your bones, it is generally believed that the phosphorus in colas interferes with the calcium absorption in your bones.  So it is a good idea to limit cola sodas and make sure you get enough calcium in your diet.  Leafy greens anyone?

Have a great day!  I’m off to drink some sparkling water.



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