What’s in the can?

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Ok, now that everyone has looked at the bottom of their water bottles to see if it is a #7, (which it shouldn’t be) and everyone has sworn off vinyl purchases, now let’s look at cans.

We know to avoid the puffy botulism cans, and the soldered shut with lead cans, but what about the lined with PBA cans? That’s right, last year the Environmental Working Group tested 97 name brand cans of fruit, vegetables, soda, baby formula, and other common products and found that over half of them were lined with plastic containing PBA. Rest assured that this is getting into the food.

So what can you do? (ha, I realized that was a pun as I was typing it.)

-Eat fresh food. If you just picked it out of your garden or got it from the farmer’s market, you know what you are eating. Tastes better this way and has more vitamins anyway.

-Eat frozen food. If you can’t get fresh corn, and that is all little Timmy will eat for dinner, then use frozen instead of canned. The taste and vitamin thing applies here too. Canned peas are gross, but fresh or frozen ones are good. (And who is this little Timmy that people are always talking about?)

-Eat jarred food. Tomato sauce and the like comes in both canned and jarred varieties. Go for the jarred.

-Invite your mother over to can a bunch of food for you. Home canned food is actually packed in glass jars, so it is safe as long as you do it correctly and don’t let the botulism in.

-Eat out of cans that are not lined in PBA. This is the hardest one, because how do you know if you do not have a chemistry set at home to test? Some manufacturers are trying to get away from PBA, but it seems like it is going to take a long time for this to become mainstream. In the meantime, you need to contact the manufacturer to check.

For more information, check out the study at the EWG’s website.

Here is a list of some companies who do or don’t use PBA.

Fresh, local food is looking better every day. Happy Eating!


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