Plastic Wrap

Hello Everyone. Sorry it took me so long to post this week, our schedule has been a bit off.

I promised that I would look into plastic wrap, and I finally did. Good news – both Saran Wrap and Glad Wrap are safe, as are Ziploc and Glad brand plastic bags. Both companies use polyethylene to make the plastic wrap, so it does not contain bisphenol – A. They also both state that they do not use plasticizers, such as phalates. Saran further states that they removed the chlorine from the formulation for their plastic wrap. Glad does not comment on this, so I am unsure if they use chlorine or not.

You can find more information at the respective companies’ websites.

Saran Wrap and Ziploc

Glad Wrap and bags

As for store brands, you would have to check with the individual store to find out. If the wrap is made from polyethylene it should be ok, but NO Vinyl!

One more note – I have read that often the wrap used on packaged meats and cheeses is vinyl. Not good. The recommendation is that if you buy packaged meats and cheeses you not keep them in their packaging, as the longer it is in contact the more leaching occurs, and cut off a thin layer of the product that has been in contact with the wrap. Alternatively, you can buy from the butcher and deli counter, where they wrap in butcher paper.


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