How to remove hair and not fill a landfill.

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Did you know that according to EPA estimates, Americans throw away two billion disposable razors a year?  That is just crazy!  But summer is here, and that means smooth, hair-free legs are needed.  And how are guys supposed to get that sexy 5 o’clock shadow if they don’t shave at 7 a.m. each morning?

Here are a few options-

Get a stainless steel safety razor.  These can be pricey, but apparently they last for years, so the long term cost is good.  They feel all old-fashioned and sophisticated too.  Use some shaving soap for the real experience and save on packaging and the extra energy needed to produce creams and foams.

Recycline Preserve Razors.  From the same company that makes the great toothbrushes they sell at Trader Joe’s comes a razor made from 100% recycled plastic, 65% of it from Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups.  Like the razors we are all familiar with, you can replace the blade when it gets dull.  When you decide it is time for a new handle you can put it in your recycling bin or send it back to the company for recyling.  They even pay for the shipping.  These are very price effective compared to the more popular brands.

Electric Razors.  Electric razors are another option.  Dave hates them, they are not good for his hair type, but others swear by them.

I recently purchased a Braun epilator.  They have gotten considerably better since the 1980s.  This is a much cheaper option than waxing, but has the long-term results.

You can also find natural waxes, or go to a salon to get your hair ripped out.  I actually did this for years and liked it.  I still would be going if I didn’t have a son that fussed the whole time.  That really takes the relaxation out of it.

Bye for now.



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