Nobody’s Perfect, right?

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite.  Here I am, writing a blog on how to live a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and I do all kinds of things that aren’t healthy or environmentally friendly.

Beck Chases a ChickenToday I brought Beck to his first day of Earthroots Field School.  We went to the house of the woman who runs the school in Trabuco Canyon and picked mulberries and learned about seeds.  Beck had fun following her chickens around and playing with sticks.  He loved the mulberries, I was thrilled to see how many he gobbled up.

Beck Loves Mulberries

However, I couldn’t help but notice that Beck was the only one drinking out of plastic.  It is BPA free at least, and I tried to find a stainless steel cup with a straw so he could drink his smoothie, but I have only seen sippy cups and sports cap ones.  It seems that these are all moms who bring their kids to yoga and feed them all organic food and all that stuff.  I could picture their environmentally perfect houses.

The teacher’s house is out in the country.  They use all biodegradable cleaning products.  They have 3 chickens so they can eat fresh eggs.  They grow organic fruits and vegetables.  They even collect their gray water in a  big container and scoop it out to water the plants.

You know what though, I’m sure they all have their vices and make mistakes.  Maybe they bring their kids to McDonald’s on the way home.  I am working on getting better and that is important.  Actually, since I have started this blog I am even more aware of the choices I make.  I hope that you all are too.  We can work on being (almost) perfect together.


PS. Speaking of not being perfect, for some reason Friday’s post did not get emailed out.  It is available on my website. It’s a granola recipe that you make in the slow cooker.  Brilliant!


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