Low Impact Living Calculator Contest

Hey Everybody!

I discovered the Low Impact Living website a while back. It has an easy to use Environmental Impact Calculator that you can use to figure out how much of an impact on the world you have and how to make your household more environmentally friendly. They are now running a contest to find the household with the lowest impact. The winner receives $500 to use on low impact living stuff. They are also picking one random person who uses the calculator to win $250 of low impact stuff. Even if you don’t win, by doing some of the things they suggest for you, you can easily safe money and resources. So everyone wins!

Check it out at Low Impact Living.


One thought on “Low Impact Living Calculator Contest

  1. Imzadi says:

    I’m quite excited… I got my family to watch Wa$ted and Living With Ed on Planet Green, showing them the effects of our wasteful lifestyle and also showing what we can do about it. I’ve got them in on some improvements to the house (our goal being to reduce our electricity bill and to get away from using 3 fridges).

    It’s actually given us ideas on needed improvements (like our hot water heater) and got us off our butts to do some work around the house.

    I’d like to win (who wouldn’t) but even if we just finish the projects we’re aiming for, we would reduce our LILI number by half and that would be awesome enough!

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