No Poopy Tomatoes Please

Last night Dave and I went out to eat.  As the waitress brought us our lettuce salad she said, “No tomatoes, because apparently they’re poison.”  It was still a good salad, but something is obviously wrong with our food system if restaurants can not serve tomatoes this month, and next month it likely will be something else.

So can you eat tomatoes anymore?  Yes!  You just need to know where they are coming from.  Your backyard or a windowsill pot is a great place, as I doubt you have been spraying salmonella on your plants.  The FDA has compiled a list of safe states to get tomatoes from.  Luckily for many of my subscribers, California, Colorado, Georgia and Tennessee all made it onto the safe list.  

You should also know that Salmonella has only been linked to roma and round red tomatoes.  There is a picture on the FDA site.  Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tomatoes with the vine still attached (which taste better anyway, in my opinion) are considered safe.

I may have mentioned this before, but the safest way to eat is to know the place where your food comes from.




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