Feeding Woman and Children by Farming

Today is Friday, and I usually post recipes on Fridays.  Today, however, I have something I feel is important to share.  A recipe of a different sort, one that can help thousands of woman and children.

I have been sponsoring women in Afghanistan for the last 2 years through Women for Women International.  They are a great organization that runs year long programs for women in war torn countries and teaches them critical skills like work training, woman’s rights, reading and writing, and leadership skills.  Each woman is paired with a sponsor (like me) who pays for the program and has the opportunity to write to her ‘sister’.  

Women for Women International is launching a new program called Commercial Integrated Farming Initiative (CIFI).  They have securred 100 acres of land in Rwanda where woman will have the opportunity to learn to raise crops in an organic and sustainable way and bring them to market.  This will have a huge impact in the lives of these woman and their families.  Not only will they now be able to feed their children, something which is becoming even harder to do with our current global food crisis, but they will also be able to earn money for their families.  Women for Women International will also be starting CIFI in Sudan.  They would like to expand this program to more countries like Afghanistan.  In order to do this they need our help.

I encourage you all to go to Woman for Woman International’s website and learn more about the Commercial Integrated Farming Initiative.  Please pass this information on to others as well.

Thank you.



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