Is your furnace off?

Summer is here, and you won’t need to turn back on the heat for a few months at least.  If you have a natural gas furnace the pilot light keeps burning gas as long as it is on.  You could be wasting quite a bit of gas, not to mention paying for something you are not using.  As long as you know where the valve is, turning off the pilot is easy, just turn the valve handle so that it is 90 degrees to the pipe and check to make sure the pilot is off.  To turn it back on when Jack Frost returns turn the handle so that it is parallel to the pipe, push the valve button, and hold a match up to the pilot nozzle.  You can call your gas company to come re-light your pilot as well if you are squeamish or having trouble.  They can check out your furnace for any leaks or other problems while they are there.


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