Mmmm, Plastic Sandwiches Anyone?

I was googling Colorado’s Department of Health today, doing a bit of research, and I came across a press release titled “Kentucky Firm Recalls Frozen Stuffed Chicken Sandwiches That May Contain Pieces of Plastic.”

You know what, it probably takes about the same amount of time to defrost/heat-up these frozen chicken sandwiches as it would to fry or broil a chicken breast and toast a bun.  You could even add fresh lettuce and tomato.  As for the stuffing, it is most likely just fat, preservatives and artificial flavoring anyway.  Who needs that?  I’m sure if you made the sandwich yourself it would taste much better too.

I have a thing with sandwiches anyway.  I’m a bit obsessive about them.  They HAVE to be fresh, and if I don’t make it myself, like at a deli, I have to watch the person making it.  Even then I get nervous.  Part of my craziness I’ve been dealing with for years.  I once had a breakdown in college because I was hungry, it was late at night so I couldn’t go buy anything, and all I had was a leftover roast beef sandwich.  I physically could not eat it.  The flavors and textures had melded together making it inedible.  Looking back, I was probably on the brink of a breakdown anyway and the sandwich just pushed me over the edge.  I admit it, I’m a freak.

When you make food yourself, you don’t have to worry about chunks of plastic in it.


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