Pajama Party

Hello, My name is Teresa and I am addicted to pajamas.  

Seriously, I think babies are simply adorable in pajamas.  The first few months of my son’s life I kept him in his pj’s as much as I thought I could get away with.  They are just so stinkin’ cute, comfortable, and, as long as you don’t get the snap-up kind, easy to put on.  (Don’t get the snap-up kind if you have a wiggle-worm like I do.)

I’ve been shopping for new pajamas for my son lately since he is now too long for his old ones.  Like a good environmentalist, I went to the resale store, but they didn’t have very many to choose from and the ones they had weren’t overly cute.  I did get a few since they were only $2 each, but I didn’t feel satisfied.

Then I got a catalog from Hanna Andersson.  They are a Swedish company known for their high quality clothes.  If I had a daughter I could get us matching dresses from them.  I don’t though, so I will have to settle for matching pajamas.  All of their pajamas are 100% organic cotton and certified by Oko-Tex Standard 100, which means they have been tested for 100 toxic chemical residues and passed.  They are cute too.  They have other organic choices like t-shirts, socks and undies, dresses and pants.  

Now I just have to figure out how many pairs of pajamas I can justify getting for an 18 month old.  Let’s see, he would look good in brown stripes, he needs some Halloween ones, leopard cub perhaps, can’t forget Christmas pj’s… Oh, look, matching hats and moccasins!  Pass the credit card please.


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