Feed Your Skin


IBurritos also are good for face masks.

Burritos also are good for face masks.

Your skin absorbs up to 64% of what you put on it, so make sure you are  giving it good stuff!

I have decided that I like body scrubs.  I have rather dry skin and am always in need of exfoliation.  

Have you priced body scrubs lately?  Or worse, read the ingredients?  Yikes!  They are either chock full of chemicals and/or cost an arm and a leg, leaving you with not much of a body left to scrub.

So I did a little research on making my own scrubs, and it turns out to be easy, fun, fast, and relatively cheap.  The basic recipe for a sugar scrub seems to be 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil.  You can then add any extras like essential oils or fruit purees.  

You want the sugar to have large crystals to give your scrub some substance.  Regular table sugar will melt too quickly.  Raw sugar and brown sugar are good options. Try using organic sugar to avoid pesticides and help out the earth a little.  I’ve also found that organic sugar tends to have larger crystals.  Olive oil is a good choice due to its antioxidant level, neutral scent, and the fact that you likely already have a big bottle of it in your cabinet.  Other oils to experiment with are grapeseed, almond and other nuts, jojoba, and coconut.  Adding a few drops of essential oils will add both a wonderful aroma and therapeutic benefits like calming red skin or fighting acne.  Do a quick google search with the key words ‘essential oils’ ‘benefits’ and the skin condition you would like to see disappear, and you can find out what oils will work good for you.  Often the sales associates at the store where you buy your oils can help steer you in the right direction as well.  Adding fruits will give your skin vitamins and antioxidants and the acids in the fruit will help to exfoliate your skin as well.

Here is a recipe for a fun summer scrub that I really enjoyed.  

Brown Sugar Peach Scrub

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup olive oil

1 large peach

Mush up the peach, including the skin but minus the pit, in a bowl with the oil and sugars.  Mix it all together until the oil is well incorporated.  

In the shower, get wet then shut off the water.  Scoop up generous amounts of the mixture and scrub it all over yourself.  Relish the experience.  Turn back on the water and rinse off.  Step out of the shower (being careful not to slip!), towel dry and notice how beautiful you are and how good you feel.

This makes enough for 2 or 3 applications.  Store leftovers in the refrigerator and use within a week.  Or share it with a friend.


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