Baby and Earth Friendly Shoes

As with most things baby, baby shoes are cute.  I found it very hard to resist buying Beck one pair of each style I saw.  Buying way too much stuff is not very eco-friendly though.  It is also not a way to endear yourself to your husband.  But have you ever stopped to think about about what most baby shoes are made from?  After all, chances are pretty good they will end up in your baby’s mouth.

Most leather has been tanned with toxic heavy metals that leave behind residues, and baby shoes can also contain vinyl and other plastics.  Alas, as cute as they are, some baby shoes just aren’t very good for for the earth or people who suck on their shoes.

Don’t despair though!  I have found some eco-friendly baby shoes that will have you fighting the temptation to buy them all.


Simple Shoes



I’m sure there are even more out there that I haven’t found yet, If you find some, let us know!


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