It’s a wrap!

My little man is getting to the age where he likes sandwiches.  They are a good snack to bring along with us when we are going to be gone from home for more than a few hours.  So what is the best way to pack them?

I remember reading a few months ago in The Green Guide a comparison of plastic sandwich bags vs. wax paper.  It was pretty much a draw, with the baggies edging slightly ahead because they are recyclable while wax paper isn’t.  But how often do baggies get recycled?  There is always tupperware or glass containers, but they can be unyeildy to carry around.  Lately I have been cutting up his sandwich and putting it in his tiffen.  That works, but I don’t always want to bring the tiffen.  What about when I want to use a lunch box, or a picnic basket?  Or what if the tiffen is full of other tasty snacks?

One alternative I have seen is the Wrap-N-Mat.  It is a reusable little mat that, you guessed it, you wrap up your sandwich in.  Drawback – it is lined with plastic.  My brilliant solution – today I went to a store that was going out of business and got a few dark cotton napkins for cheap.  Dark so stains wouldn’t show as much.  I can wrap up the sandwiches (or other food items), tie them up with ribbon, yarn, string, whatever, and toss them in my picnic basket.  If I am ever feeling crafty I can even sew some ribbon right on them.  Now my sandwiches are wrapped, I have a placemat to use on less than clean picnic tables, and a napkin to clean jelly of a certain someone’s cheeks.  When we get home it just goes in the wash.

Aren’t I smart?

(Yes, I realize this isn’t actually a new idea.  How do you think people carried sandwiches around before baggies were invented?)


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