Fossil Fuel Week: Rub it in

Let’s play a game.

Go to your medicine cabinet and look for the following ingredients in your personal care products – shampoo, conditioner, lotions, body oil, bubble bath, make up, lip ointments, perfumes, deodorant, shaving cream, soaps, and anything else you slather on your skin.

propylene glycol (PG) 

butylene glycol

polyethylene glycol (PEG)

Isopropyl alcohol (SD-40)


mineral oil


FD&C color

D&C color



The person with the highest score wins a day of relaxation at the “Fossil Fuel Spa” featuring a soak in gasoline, a motor oil massage, tar sand slurry facial, and a crude oil hair treatment.  Ah, heaven!

That’s right, all those ingredients, and many more, are petroleum derivatives.  Not only are they used in cosmetics, they can also be found in products such as industrial-strength cleaners, anti-freeze and brake fluid.  Doesn’t sound like a good thing to rub in to your largest organ.

Stop purchasing products unnecessarily made from petroleum and reduce your fossil fuel consumption.

Drill, baby, drill? or Natural, baby, natural!

For an advanced version of this game, check out this comprehensive list of healthy ingredients vs. harmful ones from Terressentials.


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