What to Wear?

Need some new clothes? Me either, but it’s hard to resist isn’t it?

Tell yourself you are doing a good deed for the Earth by buying stuff made from things like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo or maybe some eco-friendly vegan shoes. Even better, go Fair Trade and you are helping your fellow human. Looked at that way, it is almost your responsibility to shop. Isn’t that what a certain President told us?

Or you can resist the urge to buy for yourself and use the holiday season as a chance to doll up your friends and family in some eco duds.

Check out White Apricot for all sorts of designers and web stores specializing in Earth and People friendly goodies. They not only have info on clothes and shoes, but accessories and beauty products as well. The best part about White Apricot? The discounts! Shop through their site for offers like free gifts and shipping and up to 40% off. Sign up for their email and receive updated discounts and eco fashion tips. If you sign up before December 15th, you might even win a prize.


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