Wrap it up!

Looking to wrap some presents in the next few weeks?

As with the cards, there are things to consider with wrapping too.  A ridiculous amount of the US’s garbage is created over the winter holidays.  Save some trash from the landfill by following a few of my suggestions.-

Buy wrapping paper made from recycled content.  To save some money perhaps you can find a roll of recycled kraft paper or the like at an office supply or craft store.  You can then decorate it yourself.  Cut some fruit in half and dip it in paint to make an easy stamp or let the kiddos have at it with some crayons.

Don’t get wrapping paper that can’t be recycled, such as paper with metallic inks or flocking.

Use re-useable bags, boxes or tins to stash your gifts in.

Get creative with your wrapping – use fabric scraps, newspapers, magazine pages, surplus art projects, grocery bags or the paper stuffing that sometimes comes in packages you had shipped to you.  

Skip the silly stick-on bow.  It never stays stuck on anyway.  Instead use a piece of ribbon that can be reused or decorate with a handmade ornament or something creative like that.

Don’t use stick-on to/from labels.  They screw up the whole recycling thing. Instead just write on the package or use a card that can be recycled.

Avoid copious amounts of tape.  Most tape is made of vinyl and can’t be recycled.  Use the least amount possible, or just tie up your packages with ribbon or twine.  Note: bags, boxes and bins don’t even need tape.  Bonus.

Lastly, be sure to actually recycle or reuse your gift wrapping waste when the holidays are over.  It doesn’t do much good to be all careful about how you wrap only to fill your trash up with the wrappings others give you.


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