Flavored Coffee (or Chocolate!)

I don’t drink coffee, but I know many of you do, so I thought I would pass on this tidbit of info.  Most flavored coffees contain artificial flavors and scents.  Yuck!  

Instead of drinking a chemistry experiment, add your own flavorings to coffee beans before you grind them up.  One or two hazelnuts, a couple of almonds, some cocao nibs or a cardamon pod ground together with enough fair-trade organic coffee beans to make a pot will perk up your already perky coffee.  I Goggled “flavored coffee recipes” and it looks like there is plenty to choose from.  And don’t forget you can always just grab a naturally flavored candy cane off the tree and give a quick stir.

For us non-coffee drinkers, there is no reason why we can’t add some freshly ground flavors to our hot chocolate.  Yum!


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