Happy Boxing Day!

Wow, have I really not written since December 10th?  Sorry about that.  Been a bit busy.  I’ll try to do better.

Not being from England or Canada, I never really knew what Boxing Day was growing up.  Are you aware of what it celebrates?

Boxing Day was originally St. Stephen’s Day in England.  St. Stephen was stoned to death around 34-35AD, making him the first Christian martyr.  Now considered a great day to pick up some after Christmas sales, Boxing Day has a much more altruistic history.  In the past today was a day when the wealthy would give gifts to their employees and servants and to those in a lower class.  

Instead of donating your time and money to retailers today, why not give to those truly in need?  It is a great day to give to soup kitchens, service organizations, hospitals or your favorite charity.

Then you can go out and hit the sales.


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