New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time again. Time to come up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that we hopefully won’t forget about within a few months. How about something that will help out the planet?

Low Impact Living has a list of 10 suggestions, see if there are any you could do.

My Resolution? I am going to get serious about reducing the amount of meat I eat. Since Beck can’t have anything cow or egg, I am already a soy-free vegan who eats chicken and pork with the occasional lamb and fish. Now I just need to cut back on the rest.  I’m doing it kinda backwards, most people give up the animal flesh first, then move on to the milk and eggs.  I have decided I am going to limit myself to 3-4 meals a week that have meat. Otherwise, it’s soy-free vegan world for me!

Anyone else have any ideas they would like to share for a healthy resolution? Other than loose weight and exercise more. We’ve all heard that one and know how it goes.


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