Dinner by Committee

I am on the parade committee for my city’s holiday parade.  Last night we all got together and celebrated a job well done by having dinner at a local Italian restaurant, city’s treat.  I love Italian food, but for some reason it is really hard to find good Italian in southern Orange County.  There are chains like The Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill, there are over-priced, ambiance-filled rip-offs, and there are places that are just plain bad.  It’s times like this when I miss Boston.

So here is what I ate, I didn’t take a picture.

Glass of La Crema Chardonay.  They didn’t have Barbara, so someone recommended the La Crema.  It was good.

Small salad of green leaf lettuce, tomato slices, red onion, and sliced black olives (the kind that come in a can) with vinaigrette.

3 small, dry, over cooked lamb chops.  Glad I ordered medium-rare, who know what I would have gotten if I asked for well-done.  Served with chopped sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.  I ordered the lamb chop special that was supposed to have artichoke hearts and other assorted veggies, but again, didn’t get what I asked for.

Side dish of penne tossed with olive oil, tomatoes and basil.

1 1/2 pieces of bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Decaf espresso and lots of water.

I didn’t go veg because the only choices were pasta with marinara sauce or gnocchi.  I have those all the time at home and refuse to pay $15 for them, even if I’m not the one paying  I couldn’t even get the minestrone because it was made with beef broth and I can’t eat cows.

Tonight – dinner with the mother and father-in-law.


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