Falafel dinner with the folks.

Last night my husband’s parents took us out to eat at a Lebanese restaurant.  So Good!  Everyone loved their dinner, except for maybe Beck, who wanted to go watch music videos at the British-Indian store a few doors down.  Even he eventually settled down to eat pita and watch Sesame Street podcasts.

We started with a salad of romaine lettuce and tomato slices with a vinaigrette served with homemade green olives, pickled beets and pita bread with freshly made hummus.  (Watch out for the red sprinkles Beck, the cayenne is spicy!) 

For the main course I had 6 wonderful falafel patties.  The Lebanese make their falafel out of a mix of chickpeas and favas, which I think is better than just chickpea as they are often made in other countries. 

Dave had the vegetarian plate of 3 falafel and 3 dolmas (stuffed grape leaves).  

Dave’s mom had lentil soup and tabbouleh salad.

Dave’s dad had chicken kebabs and rice pilaf.

Beck ate pita and hummus and kept trying the pickled turnip, but no matter how many he tried, they were all sour.  I offered him falafel, but he spit it out.  When he got home he had some chicken breast and cherry coconut ice cream.


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