Love Chocolate, Hate Slavery?

Time to buy a heart shaped box of chocolates to show your affection to your significant other?  Or maybe it’s just time to buy chocolate because it is really good.

Before you make your next chocolate purchase please take the time to learn a little about the chocolate industry.  Slavery, child labor, and difficult working conditions are all too common.  Do you really want to support that?  Is that how you show your love?  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but with Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I would remind you all.

Read this article at Chocolate Work to get an overview of the chocolate-slavery situation.  Then do a google search if you still don’t believe me.

There are alternatives.  Fair-Trade and organic chocolate are becoming easier to find.

The Natural Candy Store has a nice selection of chocolates. There is even a vegan selection in a heart-shaped box. They also have other Valentine’s candies if you want to skip the chocolate altogether.  (Note to Dave:  I cannot have the chocolates in the box because they have soy lecithin, but I can have the ones wrapped in the red wrapper or the raspberry red licorice hearts.)

Trader Joe’s has the oh-so-yummy 73% organic dark chocolate bar. You can always melt it down and shape it into hearts yourself if you are so inclined. They have other varieties of organic chocolate too, Beck and I just prefer the 73%.

Look around at the stores you shop at for organic or fair trade chocolate. If they don’t have any, ask them to carry it. Again, tell them that you will wait to make chocolate purchases from them until it is not grown by children and slaves.

Do a google search and you will find all kinds of people-friendly chocolates.


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