Yes, I’ve been eating dinner.

So my “I am going to post what I eat for dinner every night” idea isn’t really taking off.  We had family visiting for a while, which threw me off schedule, and I’ve been dealing with short naps, temper tantrums (often mine) and various illnesses.  So I haven’t been very inspired to write.

Here is a summary of some of the things I have eaten since I last wrote:

Falafel made from a box mix with homemade pita, hummus, dolmas, tahini sauce and veggies.

Penne with jared marinara sauce and a salad.

Other stuff that couldn’t have been that great because I can’t remember them.

Dave and I went out one night for a date.  That never happens!  We went to a new Asian shopping/dining center in Irvine and ate at Capital Seafood.  I had the most amazing Thai Seafood Stew.  Maybe Dave should stop by there on the way home and get some for tonight’s dinner.

I took a few pictures too.  Oh, and I uploaded pictures onto the last entry I sent out to you all.  If you are interested you can go on my website and check them out.


Beck’s Birthday Party!  We had chicken and carnitas tacos with rice, black beans, and pinto beans.  Aunt Annabelle shows off the eats.  For dessert I made both chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes, both vegan of course, and we got cookies from a local Mexican bakery.  The event was followed with a very hard to break open pinata.


Here are some Costa Rican Cabbage-Stuffed Tortillas from Donna Klein’s new cookbook The Tropical Vegan Kitchen.  They were quite tasty, a good way to eat cabbage.


Also from The Tropical Vegan Kitchen, Quick Caribbean Black Bean Soup.  Made with refried black beans (left over from Beck’s party) and coconut milk, this was yummy.  I served it with a colorful salad.

Last night I made Slow Cooker Vindaloo from a recipe on  I didn’t take a picture.  It was quite good, but a bit thick.  I’ll try adding more water the next time to give it more of a sauce.  An easy and tasty way to get your veggies.


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