Movie Night

Who doesn’t love to just curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie?  

While I have nothing against the latest Hollywood Blockbuster, sometimes it is nice to watch something a little more educationally stimulating.  Enter the documentary.  Here are a few of my favorite environmental and health documentaries.  You can get them all from Netflix if your local video rental establishment doesn’t carry them.  Please feel free to recommend a favorite of your own in the comment section.

Flow: For Love of Water – Discusses the current and future state of the world’s  fresh water supply.  If this is something you haven’t read or heard much about it’s a real eye-opener.

King Corn – Two recent college grads decide to grow an acre of corn and follow it through the supply chain.  They discover quite a story.  (This movie has real Iowa Farm Boys in it Renee!)
Blue Vinyl – When the film-maker’s parents decide to put vinyl siding on their house, she sets out to learn what vinyl is, how it is made and the problems with it’s manufacture, use and disposal.  Please watch this movie if you still don’t understand why I hate vinyl.
The Business of Being Born – Though I don’t usually like Ricki Lake, she does a great job in this film contrasting the “modern” hospital birth in America with Midwife supervised homebirths.  Anyone who is planning on having a baby should watch this film.  Even if you are not, I would still recommend you watching it so you are aware of how doctors have made it hard for women and babies to go through one of the most natural processes ever, birth.
The Triplets of Belleville – Okay, not exactly an environmental documentary, but this is a brilliant movie!  A cartoon the whole family can enjoy, it does demonstrate how to harness the power of the bicycle.
The Corporation – An interesting documentary on the history of corporations in America and how they have worked to create a legal system that protects them at the expense of you.
Who Killed the Electric Car? – Watch this and you will be furious that you can’t go out and buy an electric car today.
As for the popcorn, before you grab a box of microwave popcorn at the grocery store you better read this article in Grist tattling on the corporations for putting all sorts of nasty chemicals in there.  A better bet?  Fresh popped organic popcorn with or without the oil and seasoning of your choice.  The author gives one recipe, read the comments and you will find some other versions.  
Don’t want to go the paper bag route?  The microwave glass popper seems like a good idea.  They are out of stock at The Kitchen Store where the commenter linked to, I also found it at Sur La Table delivering in March.  I remember seeing it on once too.  Guess they are popular, everyone seems to be out of stock.

One thought on “Movie Night

  1. Annabelle says:

    I adore “The Triplets of Belleville” !

    As Teresa may remember while I was growing up my mother ate a bowl of air-popped popcorn nearly every night! It’s good stuff. I bought myself a popper a few months ago and at first my friend looked at me odd when I brought my own popcorn to movies or had a bag stashed in my locker at work. But now people request it! Seriously, and I don’t add anything to it! (just be sure to drink water or juice with it, or you get quite a dry mouth.

    Last year I was shocked when I took classes to become pre/post natal certified as a personal trainer, so many things doctors do can be so bad! I’ve not seen “the business of begin born” but I presume it discusses such things.

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