TJ’s goes Hempy.

I was in Trader Joe’s yesterday and noticed that they now have hemp protein powder.  I am so excited!  

For those of you who like to make smoothies and shakes, hemp protein is much better for you and the planet than the soy, egg, and milk versions.  Trader Joe’s has it for a good price too of course, $9.99 for a can that would cost $15 or more at the health food store.

Now they just need to start carrying hemp milk.  Beck likes it better than rice milk and it has more nutritional value.


One thought on “TJ’s goes Hempy.

  1. Annabelle says:

    I am going to go check at my trader joe’s tonight! I was making a smoothie for my lunch just today and noticed I have only like 4 scoops of protein left, and that crap is like $35! Being a poor student now, I will go for the hemp, I can’t believe it’s on $10!

    thanks T!

    Also, there is a soy addicted new trainer at work, I was just trying to convince him to switch to hemp milk. funny.

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