Water goes down, down, down the drain.

That’s one of Beck’s favorite sentences right now.  He is obsessed with all things water – sinks, showers, sprinklers, gutters, storm drains etc.  He loves to hear the story of how the rain comes down, falls on the roof, goes down the gutters and storm drains, and eventually goes to the ocean, or as he says, the okin.

Unfortunately, the rain doesn’t always come down, and too much water is going down the drain.  Especially when Beck is involved.

This morning I found a great $2 investment that will save tremendous amounts of water when Beck washes his hands.

Greenfeet.com has a  sink aerator that uses only .5 gallons per minute, as opposed to the 2.2 GPM my bathroom sink uses now. Just think of all the water Beck can save now!

That might not be enough water for rinsing dishes in the kitchen sink.  For that task, try the 1.5 GPM aerator.  Still a substantial water saving, but with the pressure you want from the kitchen sink.

For the shower, go with a low-flow shower head.  All shower heads sold in the US today have a maximum flow of 2.5 GPM.  You can easily go lower though, 1.5 GPM heads are readily available.  A basic chrome one can be picked up at Home Depot for about $10, but for more variety, including the oil-rubbed bronze finish I have been searching for, check out the ecovillagegreen.com store or do a google search for low-flow shower heads.


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