What’s on my food?

888 million pounds of pesticides are applied in the US each year.  Many pesticides that are banned in Europe are still used regularly here in the states. Biohazard suits, or at least ventilators,  are often donned to apply pesticides.

Which ones are you eating?

Visit the website whatsonmyfood.org to see.  Using data from the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program as well as the EPA and other authoritative sources, What’s on my Food? has compiled easy to read charts showing the various pesticides detected on many common foods.  Just click on the food you are interested in checking out and you will see a list on the pesticides detected, how often they were found and their toxicity.  You can then click on “Conventional vs. organic” for each pesticide and see how often that pesticide was detected on conventionally grown domestic (grown in the US), conventionally grown imported, organically grown domestic and organically grown imported samples.  Hopefully more studies will be done soon so even better data will be available.

Seeing this information can help you decide what kinds of foods you want to buy and eat.


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