Soleo Organics Sunscreen

I bought the Soleo Organics all natural sunscreen last week and have been using it all week on myself and my son.  This stuff is great!

It uses zinc oxide as the sunscreen, instead of chemicals.  Unlike many other zinc oxide sunscreens, however, this stuff blends in.  The rest of the ingredients are safe for you and the environment.

I have light skin and burn very easily.  Soleo sunscreen has been keeping my skin from getting burnt, and it is really good to know that it is effective at blocking the UV-A rays.  UV-A rays are the ones that cause cell damage, yet they don’t cause redness so you can’t tell you are being damaged.  Many of the chemical sunscreens aren’t very effective at blocking the UV-A rays.  Beck doesn’t mind me putting this on him (he likes lotion) and it is working great on him as well.  It’s good to know I’m using a safe sunscreen on him.

Overall, I’d say the protection you are getting is worth the price.

Because the ingredients are natural, separation may occur, so be sure you knead the tube before you squeeze it out.


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