Keys Soap

I promised you some safer suggestions for skin care awhile back.  I didn’t forget.

Keys Soap is a line I discovered at the Eco-beauty event I went to at Bellysprout last month.  I’ve been using the facial moisturizer with zinc oxide sunscreen, and I love it.  The ingredients are safe, the sunscreen works, and it doesn’t go on a white gloppy mess.  They have a formulation called Meta-Care in either a lotion or spray that I have been using on all Beck’s bumps and scrapes.  Good stuff.  I’m hoping it keeps the scar from biting through his chin to a minimum.  (Long story short- jumped into a ball pit, hit the edge, bit through chin, 5 hours in ER, stitches inside and outside mouth, much drama.)  They also have facial soap, shampoo and conditioner and regular facial moisturizer.  All with ingredients you have heard of!  No toxic sludge! Vegan! Soy free!  Gluten Free!


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