Thanksgiving Prep

I have been busy!  My little Beck is always on the go, so keeping up with him is definitely a full-time job.  Add to the that preparing for the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade (I am on the planning committee), taking care of the house, cooking dinner and sleeping, and my days are full.

I love the holiday season though.  Planning and preparing Thanksgiving dinner is actually fun for me.  My sister and her husband usually come over, this year they are bringing their almost 1-year old to try out my cooking too.  I help plan and host our annual neighborhood progressive dinner as well.  Haven’t decided if I want to do the appetizers, soups and salad, or dessert course yet.  I’ve taken my turn doing all three and they are all fun.  Christmas is usually low key for us, but I still love to cook up something.  I’ve made chicken mole in years past, then took a break because I didn’t have the guts to tackle it with Beck, but I think this year I’ll make it again.  I’m still ordering the tamales from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants though.

Want some great ideas of new things to make for Thanksgiving and the rest of the season that can be made ahead of time?  Mark Bittman to the rescue.  The New York Times Minimalist Columnist has made a list of 101 Head Starts on the Day.  I’ll be taking a look for sure.  As soon as I find some time!


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