Cell Phone Safety

Ok, so you should know not to talk, text or facebook while you are driving, but do you know how to reduce your exposure to radiation?

Though still somewhat controversial, the evidence that cellphones release dangerous radiation is mounting.  Last year Environmental Working Group released a list of the highest and lowest emitters of radiation.

Instead of waiting for the definitive answer on the effect of cellphone radiation, which in our regulatory environment could take forever, it is a good idea to go ahead and take preventative measures to protect yourself just incase. Lucky for us, Environmental Working Group has us covered. They have a list of 8 things we can do to prevent radiation exposure.

They include using a things you probably already heard of like using a headset and keeping your phone away from your body, and somethings you may not have known, like listening to your bbf yack away emits less radiation than gossiping back to her. Importantly, it also suggests you limit children’s exposer to cellphones. A good idea regardless of radiation.


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