It is actually quite dreary here in Southern California today.  Elsewhere, however, I hear that it is bright and sunny.  Time to put on the sunscreen.  But which one?

Environmental Working Group evaluated sunscreens again this year and rated them for effectiveness and safety.  Please take a few minutes to check the list of recommended sunscreens before slathering on something that might not be working.

Some points that EWG focuses on this year:

Sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 are more common now, but there is no evidence that they actually offer better protection.  In reality, they often mislead people into staying in the sun longer than they should, resulting in a sunburn.

Many sunscreens on the market in the US offer minimal protection against UVA rays.  The SPF number only indicates the effectiveness against UVB rays, the ones that cause sunburn.  UVA rays cause unseen skin damage that leads to premature skin aging and cancer.

Many ingredients in sunscreens can cause more damage than protection.  Vitamin A may speed the development of cancer, oxybenzone is a known hormone distruptor, and the typical suspects such as parabens are all too common.

I’ve been using California Baby on myself and Beck.  The cream goes on nicely and the stick form is great for swiping the cheeks and nose of a wiggly three-year old.  Some of my friends use Badger or Soleo and I’ve been hearing good things about Think Baby / Think Sport.


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