Amelia’s Homemade Fabric Snack Bags

Kids can generate a lot of trash. Take plastic bags for instance. Just imagine how many snack and sandwich bags you could go through. Cold cereal for church and car trips. Peanut butter sandwiches and cookies for lunches. Bags full of broken crayons. You might as well get some stock in Ziploc.

My sister and I have (in my opinion) a wonderful solution. We made these cute little reusable bags out of old flannel receiving blankets. They are doubly eco-friendly because they are re-purposed blankets and they keep plastic bags out of landfills.

Use them for lots of stuff- the usual suspects like sandwiches, crackers, cookies and snacks. Wash an apple or pear at home and put it in the bag to stay clean. I often have a bag of snacks and another bag with some utensils and napkins to go with whatever is in my thermos. They are also handy for toting around toy cars or princess paraphernalia.  Big people can use them too for snacks at the office or in the car.

The bags measure 7 inches wide x 6 1/2 inches deep. We are selling them in sets of two bags with one little napkin for $12. Choose from green or yellow, we have a limited number of pink ones as well. Send me an email or comment below if you are interested. They are great for back to school and make nice little gifts!


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