New Year Ramble

I’m not sure exactly why I haven’t been posting.  I think of things to write about all the time.  I’ve even taken pictures of various foods and my CSA basket.  I just haven’t quite gotten any posts done.

This year things will be different though.  I am going to check in with you more often.  I am going to cook more instead of eating out or ordering pizza.  I am going to exercise more.  I am going to love more.  I will be perfect.  (Well, not really, but I will be better.)

I have already started cooking more.  I have a whole shelf of the most beautiful cookbooks that I hardly ever use.  I, like many people, have fallen into the habit of cooking the same basic things over and over.  Roast chicken with potatoes, salad with apples and pecans, penne pasta and sausage, lentil soup, tacos, waffles for breakfast every Sunday, oatmeal most other days, etc.  It is getting boring. Time to start experimenting as expanding my horizons.

I have signed up for the 21 day at-home yoga challenge through Yoga Journal.  It started yesterday.  I will start today. 🙂  I also want to start doing my Qigong and Belly Dancing DVDs and maybe even swimming and running.

I went to a training session for an energy healing modality called Access Bars on Saturday.  It was an amazing experience.  I have been feeling so much more open to love since going.  I am definitely going to be exploring this more and looking for people to share it with.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.  Feel free to join me in the process!


One thought on “New Year Ramble

  1. Rusty Winters says:

    I think I read once that the average person who cooks repeats about 12 meals. I think I repeat about 8 different dishes. Unless I can can count 1 hot dog as a dish and two hot dogs as a different dish. Then I’m up to nine.

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