Yes! It is possible to have healthy, raw, no added sugar “ice cream” that tastes great and is cheap and easy to make!

Technically, this is not ice cream, but rather a frozen dessert. Whatever, it’s good.

Remember those frozen bananas I told you were handy to have around? They are the perfect base to make a creamy and delicious frozen treat. Throw a few frozen bananas in a food processor or really powerful blender. (The smaller the pieces are the easier it will be to blend. I have started breaking my bananas up into four or five pieces before freezing them.) Chop them up a bit.

Add a some berries or other flavoring. So far I have made this with strawberries, blackberries, and cherries. I’ve been using fresh berries since they are in season, but you could use frozen as well, though they may need to be defrosted slightly to help them blend in. There is no reason you couldn’t add some chocolate if you like that sort of thing. I’m planning on trying it with some Mexican chocolate.

Mix till smooth, adding a bit of milk substitute if needed.