Raw Vegan “Cook” Book Sale

Ok, I am really into the raw vegan thing right now.  I just finished a 21 day raw cleanse, with only a few minor cheats.  I lost 9 pounds and feel great.  My waistline has shrunk substantially and I am so happy with how I look and feel.  My mood has improved greatly as well.  Two of my neighbors joined me on the cleanse and they both lost 15 pounds each.  One of them had their cholesterol checked at the end of the cleanse, and the results were AMAZING!

On that note, I am going to make more of an effort to eat as much raw food going forward as possible.  Breakfast is a fruit smoothie or something similar, lunch and dinner will have raw elements at a minimum.  Snacks, the big one for me, will be raw.

So now I am on the lookout for easy recipes.  I got plenty of recipes with my cleanse, and more can be found on the internet, in health food magazines, and in books.  Ecookbooks published by individuals are a great way to go because they can be instantly downloaded to your computer and the price is often just right.  Until this Friday, the price on 2 that I have found is even better.  Brandi Rollins M.S. of Raw Foods on a Budget, is having a sale on her books “Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan” and “Raw Foods on a Budget.”  Both books are only $5. I bought mine this morning and they look good.  Hurry up though, the sale only lasts till Friday. She is also offering an online 28 Day Raw Foods on a Budget program for $50 that starts August 8th if you are interested in that.  The online program includes the books, curriculum, weekly conference calls, shopping help and online support.

Check it out!


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