Smell better, for less

Bubble & Bee Organics, one of my favorite sources for lotions and potions, is having a sale!  Today many of their items are 30% off.  Tomorrow will be 25%, then 20%, you get the idea.  Each day will have a featured item at an even bigger discount.  Today the sunflower lotion bar is 50% off.  Tomorrow??? You will have to check back to see.

I have been using Bubble and Bee Organic’s deodorant for a few years now.  I have slowly been trying out other products and love just about everything I try.  The body butters are divine.  They are so creamy and smooth, and they work great. Just what you need when your skin is about to crack into thousands of little pieces.  I have on the sugar & spice one right now and I can’t stop sniffing myself.  Pair it with the baked apple salt scrub for a treat. The lip balms, soaps, and lotion sticks could make nice gifts for teachers and are great stocking stuffers. Now is the perfect time to stock up!

This is a small sampling of the Bubble & Bee products I already have.  More are on their way!



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