It’s all in the presentation


This morning’s smoothie:

1 bunch parsley
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 scoop Amazing Grass SuperFood
Fresh squeezed orange juice (to desired thickness)

Blend well and serve in a “fancy glass”.




3 thoughts on “It’s all in the presentation

  1. Annabelle says:

    I got really excited when I was a kid if mom would let me drink my juice out of a wine goblet. She had (still has) the red goblets that she would often let us eat dessert out of too, I thought it made it taste even better!

    I still often drink OJ out of a wine glass.

    What is the green stuff you use for the breakfast drinks you and Dave drink? I want to start making them, I have skipped a lot of breakfasts lately. No good.

  2. teresastips says:

    I use the Amazing Grass brand of “green stuff.” Dave was introduced to it about 4 years ago as an option for Beck. We have been using it ever since. I use the Green SuperFood for smoothies, and mix the Kidz Berry Blend in water for Beck to drink on the go. Highly recommend both. They also have a meal replacement powder (haven’t tried those yet, just ordered some samples though) and bars that are good for carrying around for snacks. I think I’ll do a blog post on this soon.

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