Amazing Grass Sale


Just wanted to let you all know that Amazing Grass is on sale on their website. Everything is 30% off through December 2.  Use code HOLIDAY2011 to get the discount.  Order multiple containers of the same product and save even more.

I have been using Amazing Grass powder in my smoothies for about 4 years now, maybe closer to 5.  My husband actually introduced me to their powders as an option to include in my son’s smoothies.  He has a very sensitive tummy, and like lots of kids, sensitive taste buds as well.  The Green SuperFood was a welcome addition to his blender drinks as we called them.  Soon afterwards, they came out with the Kidz Berry SuperFood and he has been drinking it in his water ever since.  It is a great way to get extra vegetables in his diet. I now have my sister hooked on this for her two boys as well.

I like the Berry Green SuperFood and the Chocolate Green SuperFood in my smoothies and shakes.  I’ve also mixed it into banana ice cream, raw snack balls, oatmeal, and more.

Amazing Grass also has meal replacement shakes and bars for healthy  snacks on the go. I haven’t tried the meal replacement shakes or some of the new flavors of SuperFood yet, but I just ordered some sample packs to give them a try.  I’m sure they will be good.


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