Junk free through the Hollydays

My Sister-in-law, Annabelle, has organized an healthy eating and living challenge for the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas called “Junk free through the Hollydays.” (Yes, that is how she is spelling it.)  You get to make your own rules; some people are going super strict, others are just trying to cut back on the junk and increase the good.  I am somewhere in the middle, and will be reporting what I eat every day.  Other healthy goals such as exercise, sleep, drinking lots of water and not strangling co-workers will also be discussed.

We are running it as an email group right now.  It’s in its infancy, so things are a bit primitive right now.  Just ask to join the group and you will be included in the emails.  Reply to all to respond, or just email one or two people if you have something more private to say.  This is a nice way to get support for healthy choices during the holiday season for free.  I’m sure there will be some humor included as well and some ideas for yummy things to eat.

To join, either respond in the comments here, or over in Annabelle’s blog, Fluency’s Folly.



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