2012 – I’m going to ROCK it!

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great holiday season.  I drove out to Texas with my son and husband to stay with his family for Christmas.  We drove back Friday and had a quiet New Years at home.  Well, as quiet as it can be with an active 4-year old boy.

I made lentil soup today, having adopted the Mediterranean tradition of eating lentils on New Years Day to bring prosperity and luck.  I ate three bowls, so it should be a good year.  I also launched the healthy living program I am creating with my sister-in-law.  I am very excited about it.  I’ve never done anything as ambitious as this, so I am also very nervous as well.  It’s a good thing I am partnering with Annabelle, or I may be tempted to bail.  I feel this is where I have been headed for a few years now, if not longer, so I am glad to see it coming together.

Everyone is talking resolutions, so I guess I’ll join in.  I don’t do resolutions though, don’t like the word and all it connotes, so I am setting goals instead.  I’ll share them with you, since I’m sure you are anxiously waiting to hear them.

Group goals for my healthy living program:

Set an intention for the day each morning when you wake.

Start each day with a glass of water.  Drink at least one full glass before you eat or drink anything else. You can add a squeeze of lemon if you like.

Have a healthy breakfast. Some choices are a smoothie, fresh juice, fruit salad, whole grain cereal, a homemade breakfast bar or muffin or an egg.

Three sun salutations or gentle stretching morning and night, or any other time you need a break.

Spend at least ten minutes exercising morning and evening.

Write a daily journal entry.

Personal goals:

Have a smoothie everyday, preferably with some greens in it.

Meditate every day, even if only for a few minutes.

Continue to work on being a better wife and mother.

De-clutter my house and keep it that way.  (Did I just say that? Please, someone help me!)

Grow the healthy living program into something meaningful.

Become a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

That’s right, I am going to start school to become a Nutritional Consultant.  Nutrition is something I have always been interested in and researched on my own.  I considered majoring in it in college, but ended up choosing another school that didn’t offer it.  I’ve been debating going back to school to study nutrition for the past few years and am finally taking the plunge.  Got the husband on board and everything.

2012 – Here we go!


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