Healthy Eating for Yourself and the Planet

In my journey to educate myself on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being environmentally aware, it has become clear how much the two overlap. Here are some ways you can make food choices to help out both your health, and the Earth.

-Eat real food.
An apple is real food. An apple flavored treat is not.

– Eat plants in abundance, meat in moderation (if at all).
Fruits and vegetables are good for you. According to a United Nations report, almost one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions are a result of livestock production.

– Eat organic food.
Not only will you be spared the affects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so will the fields, watersheds, and the people who grow the produce. In the case of meat, organically raised animals eat organic feed and are not given artificial growth hormones and other drugs. The use of antibiotics is also restricted in organically raised livestock. Antibiotic use in factory farms has been directly linked to drug resistant bacteria.

– Eat locally grown produce.
Food that has not traveled a long distance is likely to be fresher, which means more taste and vitamins for you. It also means less greenhouse gasses are produced as a result of the food traveling from the farm to your plate.

– Grow your own food.
It is hard to beat the freshness of food you just picked from your backyard or windowsill pot. If you can’t grow your own (or are still hungry), join a CSA. You can find CSAs in your area by visiting

-Reduce the amount of packaging you buy.
Most foods that are heavily packaged aren’t really that good for you, and all that trash has to go somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Eating for Yourself and the Planet

  1. The Beet-Eating Heeb says:

    Thanks for pointing out that livestock production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

    It’s also worth noting that beef production requires literally 100 times more water than vegetable cultivation.

    BTW, all six of your tips are great.

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