Green Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

I never understood the appeal of green beer.  It just seems wrong. Green juice on the other hand, good stuff!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are two green smoothies and a green juice.  Maybe they can help you recover if you decide to indulge in some green beer.

Spinach-Pineapple Smoothie

1 bunch spinach leaves

1 cup frozen pineapple

1 cup almond milk (or other milk substitute)

1 scoop wheat grass and/or green powder

Add ingredients to blender and blend till smooth.  If needed, stop the blender and mix with a long handled spoon or something to incorporate all the ingredients.  The spinach doesn’t really lend a taste, so it has a great pineapple flavor.  The five year old liked it.


St. Patrick’s Juice

1/4 head cabbage

2 green apples

handful of parsley

Run through a juicer. Makes 1 glass.

If you are tempted to get a minty milkshake from a fast-food establishment in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, STOP!  Instead, make this.  Much healthier!

Minty Shake

1 avocado

1 cup coconut milk

1 tablespoon honey

1/4 teaspoon mint extract, or a handful of mint leaves

1 cup ice

Mix in blender until smooth and creamy. Serve.


Oh, and . . .

Beware the Ides of March


2 thoughts on “Green Drinks for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    As an Irishman, I used to live in fear of how the world viewed us, particularly on St. Patrick’s Day. Having traveled a bit, I now realise that it is all good fun in most parts of the world and great promotion for our little country.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

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