Dyeing Easter Eggs

Sure, you could get some petroleum based egg coloring to dye your eggs with, but wouldn’t it be fun to branch out a bit and see what else you can come up with?

I actually haven’t colored eggs in years.  What with my son being allergic to them and my husband not liking hard boiled eggs, it hasn’t seemed worth it.  This year though, I may blow out some eggs, save the insides for a frittata, and color the shells with my son.

Here are some ideas:

Go to a thrift store (or raid your closet) and look for some colorful old silk neckties.  They must be 100% silk for this to work apparently.  Cut the neckties into pieces big enough to cover an egg and wrap blown out eggs in the pieces of silk.  Use a rubber band to secure the silk closed.  Basically, you are making a little bag around the egg and securing it closed.  Tie something heavy onto the end of the silk if you are using blown out eggs so it will sink in water.  Place the eggs into a pan of boiling water with 2 Tablespoons of vinegar added and let them boil for 20 minutes.  Remove from pan, let cool, and unwrap to see what you have created.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Try dyeing eggs with fruits and vegetables instead of artifical dyes.  No worries about artifical coloring showing up on your eggs.  Just chop up colorful produce and add it to a pot of eggs with a tablespoons or so of vinegar and water.  Use a separate pot for each fruit and vegetable please.  Bring the produce/water to a boil and boil till the color has leached out into the water and your eggs are done.  It is interesting to see the result.  For instance, red beets will turn your eggs pink or orange, red cabbage gives blue, and onion skins a soft yellow.  Experiment and see what you end up with.  You can use flowers and spices like paprika and turmeric as well.  I would recommend an apron while working on this.

You can also use stickers, markers, paint, crayons . . . Let your imagination go wild!

Then find something yummy and healthy to make with all those eggs.


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