How to cut a mango.

Step 1:

Hold the mango on its’ side.  You will notice that the mango is not perfectly round, but rather is somewhat flattened.  There is a large, flat seed in the center.  Cut the side off the mango lengthwise, slightly off center so you just miss the seed.  After doing this a few times you will be able to estimate where the seed is.

Step 2:

Holding the cut off piece in the palm of your hand, carefully cut the flesh into rows one way, and then the other.  You want to cut all the way to the skin, but not through it.  Again, this just takes a bit of practice.  Do not press hard with the knife, you don’t want it going through to your palm.

Step 4:

With your thumbs, push the skin of the mango in so the pieces pop out like a little hedgehog.

Step 5:

Carefully cut the pieces off the skin.

Repeat with the other side of the mango.

Step 6:

To clean off the seed, first cut the skin off.

Step 7:

Slice pieces of flesh off the seed.  It will be slippery, so use care.

Enjoy your mango!

For more mango deliciousness, visit my new joint venture with my sister-in-law, Annabelle;


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