Paleo Admissions

I am striving to eat Paleo.  There, I said it.

I decided back last April to try putting my son on a gluten free diet to see if it helped his digestion, and maybe even his behavior.  It did.  The stinker went from pooping 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a day to only once or twice.  Yay!!!  His teacher also noticed a difference in his behavior.  To help me, I bought the book “Eat Like a Dinosaur.”  It quickly turned into one of my favorite cookbooks.  I started following the Paleo Parents blog.  They introduced me to other blogs, and soon I was immersed in paleo.

I fought “becoming paleo” though.  I was the kind of person who blogged about things such as Meat-free Mondays.  I got my neighbors to do a raw-vegan diet for a month a few years ago.  I cared about the environment.  I had a pantry filled with rice and various lentils and beans.  I liked bread.

As time has gone on though, I have seen the differences in my son as I moved him closer to Paleo.  I’ve also seen what happens to him when he gets too much corn, rice, or beans.  Not good.  I started letting go of the bread.  Now, when I eat something with gluten in it I notice that my stomach is not happy.  I get a headache.  It is hard to think straight.  I get agitated, anxious, and sometimes outright unpleasant to be around.  I’m noticing now that I feel and look bloated after eating other grains and processed sugar as well.  Darn!  Does this mean that “those Paleo people” might be on to something?

Almost a year later my son and I are about 80% Paleo.  My husband is starting to eat gluten less and less.  Vegetables are actually showing up on our table with more frequency and variety than when I was aiming for a plant-based diet.  When there is no bread, there is room for extra veggies.

I still felt uncomfortable blogging about it though.  Kind of guilty.  Worried that people would not agree with me.

Now, one of my sisters is going to do a 21 day Paleo-based Sugar Detox.  I told her I would do a somewhat modified version with her to offer my support.  So for the next 21 days I will be eating strictly Paleo, mainly meats and vegetables.  I will be limiting my fruit intake, something I do not usually recommend for people, but as a means to stabilize blood sugars and train your tastebuds not to want so much sugar I am ok with it.

You all are welcome to follow along with me.  I’ll post pictures of what I eat to stay accountable.  I’ll share how I feel.  Most likely, I’ll lecture about this and that.  Take what you want from it.  See what could work for your body.

I am sharing because there are so many people in my life who could potentially benefit from a Paleo diet.  People I care about who have arthritis, IBS, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, missing gallbladders with lingering digestive issues, obesity, pre-diabetes, full fledged diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food sensitivities, and so much more.

I love you all.  Let’s eat some real food and see if we can’t get healthy.


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